Aug 27 2012

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A tiki party or luau is the quintessential summer party. Although most tiki parties happen in a backyard or near a pool, your tiki party or luau can also be held indoors. A tiki party atmosphere is uniquely relaxing and inviting. Plus, it is very easy to decorate your home or yard with Polynesian style.

The first step in decorating for your party is to set up a wooden tiki bar. This can take the form of a freestanding tiki hut, or a smaller bar anywhere you plan to serve food or drinks. These are actually quite easy to construct, and should be covered in grass skirts or thatching for an authentic look. You can make a tiki bar in just a few days; this bar will Cheap Coach Bags serve as the centerpiece of your party, and instantly pull together the theme of your party. If you do not have the time to set up a full tiki bar, decorate a table or counter with grass skirts or thatching.

When decorating for your tiki party, use lots of natural fibers and bright tropical colors. You can use burlap or unbleached cotton for the tablecloths, or simply use a brightly colored plastic cloth. Tiki party decorations include bamboo, tiki umbrellas, fresh coconuts, and of course, tiki statues or masks. You can also incorporate beach or surfing décor, especially if your backyard has a pool. These accessories will help make your party fun and unique. Play tiki, Hawaiian guitar, or reggae as background music.

You can use citronella Coach Outlet Online Store torches to keep the mosquitoes away from your party guests, but do not light the torches if you are holding your party indoors. Always light tiki torches away from combustible materials, which can be tricky with all of the natural materials involved in decorating for a tiki party. If you are having an indoor party, consider using strings of festive lights instead of candles.

At your tiki party or luau, serve Hawaiian foods and delicious tropical drinks. Your menu should include fresh pineapple and other fruits on skewers, roasted pork, shrimp, and grilled chicken. If you don��t want to make anything too complicated, you can even serve Hawaiian pizzas. Spam is very popular in Hawaii, so it would be appropriate to serve with rice at Coach Outlet Store Online your luau. Tropical punch, pina coladas, mai tais, and daiquiris are the perfect drinks for any tiki party. Don��t forget the paper umbrellas, tiki mugs, and maraschino cherries!

Invite your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts to get them in the tiki party mood. Hand out leis at the door as you welcome them to ��the island�� of your party. Hold a limbo contest. You can also give out small tiki figures as party favors, or as a prize for the contest.

Even if you don��t live in a hot climate, the tiki décor can help you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. Tiki parties are a fun and relaxing way to celebrate. This summer, throw a tiki party that everyone will remember!

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