Aug 08 2012

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As common home security complaints can be based on contractual obligations, service, design, implementation or response time by authorities or company representatives, one may want to ask a number of questions before ordering or having a security system installed. For, while such products and services can provide a great deal of comfort and security, often individuals also have some common complaints about such security monitoring services. So, before accepting any free security system offer, signing any contract or having a system installed, one needs to read over the contract carefully, including any fine print. For, details like automatic renewals, length of monitoring service, transferability to other services and additional fees are often located within such areas of a contract.

As such, the most common complaints are often related to an automatic renewal of a security contract, receiving a quote for hundreds or thousands of dollars after one has been presented with a free alarm system. However, one of the most common complaints is that of response time to an alarm by local authorities or company representatives. So, before buying or having such a system installed, one need verify that the company has a good record in such regard.

So, before accepting any free security alarm offers or having such a system installed, one may want to ask a number of questions regarding such complaints. For, then and only then, can individuals know the truth about a security company, the products being offered and the ongoing service which such a company provides. In addition, one may want to read a variety of reviews related to different security companies operating in the area in which one resides. For, only when one knows that such monitoring is going to be successful in providing security to both residents and property can one feel safe while using such a service.

Although, if one is using a reputable alarm company, often such issues can be taken care of on an immediate basis. Still, it is not much good to have an alarm system, if one is not contacted when such an alarm goes off. In addition, if one is planning on moving to a new area in which a different monitoring service is required, one may want to wait until such a move is complete before having a security system installed as often such security systems are non-transferable.

However, if one is planning on staying in the home for some time, often such systems can both increase property value and lower homeowners insurance premiums. As such, whether for a discount on insurance or simply to assure one is safe both while at home and away, such a system can be an excellent investment. Of course, the most important aspect of any security system is the safety of residents inside the home along with any valuable property one wishes to protect.

In addition, when signing up for such a service, one may want to read through all contractual information a few times so as to not have any surprise subscription renewals or service calls in the future. For, often such companies automatically build in an automatic renewal when it comes to such security services. So, while such automatic renewals may work for some with large amounts open on a credit or debit card, others often use prepaid cards or cards which have reached a spending limit.

As such, individuals can often be surprised to find a large charge on their credit card bill or discover their system monitoring has been canceled due to a rejection of payment by the bank who issued the card. After which, if the home is broken into, although an alarm may sound, no one at the monitoring station may know an alarm is sounding. However, if one contacts the alarm company as soon as one is notified of either a rejected charge, or what one believes to be an unauthorized charge, often one can work out such issues accordingly.

To this end, while there are a few common home security complaints about various home security systems and the time it can take officials to respond, such systems can still be a great investment. For, not only when working properly do alarm systems and monitoring services provide protection to individuals and property, one can also increase property value while lowering insurance rates. So, while safety and security are important aspects of owning a home security system, so too are other benefits which one can often gain when installing a home security system.

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